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For safe and well managed schools, an effective system of discipline is needed. Applying such a system consistently across an entire campus can be difficult, as can tracking infractions and consequences. Demeritus makes it easy.

The Rules

A clear and detailed list of infractions and their exact consequences is the first step. Now everyone is on the same page, school-wide. Teachers and students alike know exactly what is expected.

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Instant Notification

An email automatically gets sent out to the parents the moment an infraction is entered into the system.

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It's Easy

Entering an infraction takes seconds. Select the student, select the teacher, select the infraction. Done. Not at a computer? Print out demerit slips teachers can carry in their pockets for entry later in the day.

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Demeritus makes is easy to track infraction and demerit history. See which students are repeat offenders and have their exact record at your finger-tips for those parent meetings. See which students have outstanding detentions.

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Photos by Carolina Hidalgo

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